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This site is based on all of the images i have made. Ive made a bunch of banners/logos/sprays. For those that dont know what "sprays" are they are for the lovely game of CS and CS:S (counter-strike and counter-strike: source nubs). This is what i enjoy doing and spend most my free time working on. I know these arent the most extravagant or amazing but ive only been into this whole aspect for little bit now and id say ive come a long ways from when i started :)


News: Adding a Servers Page, which i will post up the IPs of the servers that myself and the other fC hoes enjoy playing on. Primarily it will be source servers a couple 1.6 servers but source is beginning to take over cept competative play. Anyway if you have any good servers you like to play on send me the IPs and ill post them up here.

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