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This page will be dedicated to tutorials for CS 1.6 sprays and making static and animated sprays for cs: source.

Frist things first im not about to attempt to explain the spray making in cs:s because it honestly is a pain in the ass for the most part, at first at least. Ill post these links to some good tutorials that should help you as they helped me to make the sprays ive made for cs:s. For 1.6 though i will post my own tutorial for that. And remember you might have to DL some programs if you intend to make these on your own, ms paint isnt gonna cut it. If its a bit much for you DROP ME A LINE email link is at bottom of page :)

Static Spray w/ Transparency CS:S tutorial

Importing sprays into CS:S Tutorial

Making animated sprays for CS:S

Tutorial for making Static Sprays in CS 1.6

Creating static sprays in 1.6 may seem like its hard or a lot of work but there are only a few things about it in any way that are difficult. I will do my best to explain how I create the ones I make and also ill do my best to link where you can get the programs I used to make them.

Selecting the Image you want to use for your Spray

Now with cs 1.6 there are many limitations on what you can/cant do with sprays so dont expect any picture to work. The main thing is that images have to be certain sizes before you can convert them into the .wad files. You may have noticed all my sprays are 128x64 or 64x128 (thats in pixel size height/width) and if you notice that very little room to work with.

The best thing you can do is find an image that is already close to that size or if you are selecting a larger image crop everything you possibly can and try your best to keep the section you really want for your spray in a 128x64 or 64x128 frame. You can convert images of diff sizes as well if you want but they HAVE to be divisible by 16 and cannot exceed 10,000 pixels in total (meaning 128x64 = 8192) and 128x64 64x128 are the largest sizes you can really use.

In my opinion as well those are the best 2 sizes if you want quality looking sprays in game. Normally the best way i have found to find good images for sprays when I started doing this was to go to click on image search then put in whatever I was looking for, for instance, Evil. It will give you tons of images and if you notice below them if will give you what that images ACTUAL size is when at full size. From that it is easiest to select an image close to the size youre looking to use that way you wont lose much clarity in the image when you do finally convert it to .wad file.

Creating the Image for your Spray

For this youll need an image editing program such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. You can find these for trial version downloads anywhere especially on Personally I use paint shop pro but I have use Photoshop and it works just as good.

Once youre in your editing program open the image you saved to your computer that you wanted to use for your spray. Now take the cropping tool and select the part of or whole of the image you want to use and crop everything else around it out so youre working with just that image.

Once you have done that now you can resize the image to 128x64 or 64x128 depending on what youre doing. If you are doing this with an image that is slightly large and loses quality when you do it then try undoing everything and cropping it again but a bit smaller so when you do resize it, it wont change the image size much and therefore lose less detail.

After you have resized it now would be the best time to enhance (mainly sharpen) the image before you add a new layer with text. It will probably ask you to convert it to 16 bit color or whatever so just go ahead and do it so you can sharpen the image.

Sharpen it at most 1 time MAYBE 2 times.. more than that youll ruin the picture. Now that you have that done you can now add your text, make sure whatever font you select is fairly large and clear on the screen. If you pick something that is to small or crammed then it will pixel blend in game and look hella lame and unreadable. Remember you dont have a lot of space to work with so dont try and put a paragraph of shit on there, unless youre not using a pic and just putting words.

Once you have finished your image I suggest saving it as a .jpg and you may have to run the optimizer which will drop a little detail but will make the image smaller and you wont have to convert it to a blended image which when converting to .wad can screw things up a lot.

Converting .jpg to .wad (this was easily the most confusing part for me in the beginning, hopefully i can make it easier on you)

Before you can even begin to attempt converting you will need Wally. Its a fairly simple editing program once you get used to it. Click below to download either the newest or and older version of this program.

Click here to Download Wally

Now that you have your saved 128x64 or 64x128 .jpg file created you are ready to attempt to convert into a .wad file. Once you have downloaded and installed Wally and have it running there is a tab on the top that says "Wizard" click on that for the dropdown menu to appear then click on "HL Color Decal".
This will prompt a window to pop up with "Please select your half-life folder" you can pick any folder you want since all that really means is where the files get saved to when you make them, I myself just use my desktop for that. Below that there is a "Source Image" box with a couple options in it "Clipboard/File on HD/Let me edit" Make sure "File on hard-drive" is selected and click on the [...] browse button.
Locate the .jpg you created for your spray and select it then click open. Then click on "Ok" in the Wally menu that it brings you back to with the location of your image in the "File on HD" space. It will then open your image as "pldecal.wad". Since now they dont use the pldecal.wad files anymore just go to "Saveas" and select where you want to save this file. MAKE SURE YOU RENAME IT TO tempdecal.wad INSTEAD OF pldecal.wad. Steam does not recognize pldecal.wad files anymore so they are not needed. Once you have this file saved you have to install it still.

Installing Tempdecal.wad Files

First thing you need to do is make sure your cs is closed. Steam can be up but cs has to be closed.
Now go to this folder C:/Valve(or Program Files/Steam depending)/Steam/Steamapps/Your Email account/Counter-Strike/CStrike

Once in that folder go through it and DELETE any tempdecal.wad AND custom.hbk files. Custom.hbk is like a log file for your tempdecal.wad and everyone elses as well. Sort of like a cookie is for websites on your comp. If you ever change tempdecal.wad files you MUST delete this file as well or it wont change.

Now that you have those 2 files removed go and select the tempdecal.wad file you created and place it in that same folder (c:/valve/steam/steamapps/email/counter-strike/cstrike). Once you have done that right click on the tempdecal.wad file and go to PROPERTIES, make sure that READ-ONLY is checked. Doing this allows you to go into your options in game WITHOUT your spray being overwritten by the logo that is defaulted in your options. If you do not do this and you go into options at all you will lose your spray and your tempdecal.wad file you created will be overwritten.

Once that is all completed VIOLA you are done. Start up CS, create a new game with yourself and test out your new spray!!!! Also note that if youre seeing that gay little half-life lambda thing or whatever go to your console and type in cl_allowupload 1 then wait a few seconds and try your spray again.


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